20mm Custom Lanyards

Check out our range of 20mm Custom Lanyards- perfect for displaying your ID cards, name badges, access cards and more. 

These customised lanyards will give you a professional look. The 20mm lanyard is our widest custom lanyard and offers an even wider canvas for your designs! 

All of our 20mm Custom Lanyards come with a metal trigger clip and plastic safety breakaway for security and safety. 

Available in pack sizes of 50. Free Next Day Delivery Available. 

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Buy 20mm Customised Lanyards from SKE Direct Sales

At SKE Direct, we are the experts in providing high-quality customised lanyards in the UK. 

Our 20mm custom lanyards are available in packs of 50, and you can choose between one colour or full-colour options. If you need lanyards with popular designs, we also stock Pre-Printed Lanyards that are available for immediate delivery