Staff Printed Lanyards

Staff lanyards are considered necessary for making a person easily identifiable. When it comes to identification and internal security, lanyards are really helpful. Organisations employing personalised lanyards with the name, logo, and word "staff" make that person immediately identifiable at all times with the lanyard card holder connected, whether you run a public service, like a hospital or a school, or a private business.


Because they are constructed of soft nylon material, our printed staff lanyard and cardholder are very comfortable to wear. You can choose from Red, Blue, Black, Grey, Green, and Purple among other colours. They include an open-faced card holder in a complementary colour. Only one ID Card may be held by each person. Consequently, wearing them around your neck is comfy.

A safety breakaway lanyard and plastic clip are included with each Lanyard. These lanyards will hang approximately 18 inches when hung. Each lanyard is 15mm wide, with the word "Staff" repeated around the circumference on both sides. Each of these lanyards includes a sturdy plastic clip. As an alternative, you might wish to have your company name or logo printed on the lanyards. These can be found next to our custom lanyards.


Lanyards are now thought of as crucial pieces of equipment in a business setting. They incorporate lanyard badge holders that can occasionally serve as keycards to obtain access to different portions of your firm as a security measure for staff identification.

If you run a store, a bar, or a restaurant, you can have big teams that need electronic access to the registers with a special fob. They must therefore always keep this secure. They accomplish this by wearing staff lanyards or retractable lanyards around their necks.

How can you maintain that safety and convenience of access in more conventional buildings that might not have electronic access devices and instead rely on keys to enter the property? Sure, key lanyards! While yet offering the convenience of being available when needed, they are always safe and secure.


Our team offers a great range of pre-printed lanyards printed with different text, with an artwork approval service for any custom printed lanyards; you will always receive the lanyard you are looking for; We stock staff lanyards and visitor lanyards in many colours. As well as a range of Staff ID neck-straps to secure your staff ID and name badge safely.

Be sure to get in touch with our team for more information on the great prices and quick delivery we can offer you; with no minimum order, you can have your staff lanyard delivered to your front door in no time.

Lanyards are a great way to show ID Cards, so don't forget your ID cardholders. We can also print your ID cards with our Card printing service, get in touch with our team for more information today!

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