Blank White Cards (PVC)

Our blank white cards are manufactured specifically to deliver superb results when customised with any plastic card printer. The high quality finish on these white blank plastic cards creates a sleek canvas ready to have your design printed on. We offer printing services here at SKE, we also stock a range of Plastic ID Card Printers if you’d prefer to make your own.

Our blank white cards are available in a few different options: we have completely blank cards, blank cards with a HiCo magnetic stripe for data storage, or we have blank proximity access control cards for use with Salto access control systems. Whether you need membership cards, access cards, loyalty cards or ID cards, our range of plain white cards will deliver great results with a sleek and high quality look.

Our blank white blank plastic cards for printing are available in pack sizes of 100 and more. Check each product page for details on quantities.

SKE Direct Sales- your number one for plastic blank white cards

Need blank white cards for your business or an upcoming event? SKE has you covered with our high quality and affordable white blank plastic cards for all purposes.