Retractable Lanyards

Looking for a convenient way to keep your ID cards, keys, badges, keys and other accessories organised and secure? Discover SKE’s retractable lanyards for a sleek and efficient solution.

A lanyard with retractable reel makes it easy to carry your ID cards and accessories. No tangling. No snagging on objects. Conveniently and securely carry your ID accessories with no hassle, simply pull out the retractable lanyard when needed and retract when not in use. 

Retractable lanyards are perfect for holding ID cards and access cards, they can also be used to carry keys, USB sticks, safety alarms and other accessories. 

SKE Direct’s retractable lanyards come in a variety of colours, designs and styles. We have plain lanyards if you want to find something sleek and simple to represent your brand colours and logo. We can also design your own custom lanyards if you want something unique. We also have a range of pre-printed lanyards for more common and widely used lanyard designs. All of these options are available as a lanyard with retractable reel. 

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Whatever your needs, SKE has got you covered with quality printed retractable lanyards. We are known for providing the best products and excellent service to our customers. We really are the only place to buy your new lanyards and other accessories.