Retractable Lanyards

Have you ever considered a retractable lanyard? At SKE Direct Sales we offer a range of retractable lanyards, they are great products for a business to have. Retractable lanyards can be very useful for staff, maybe they have an ID badge that they need to swipe, or a key card they need to carry. By having a lanyard reel retractable system, this means that ID cards can be kept organised so the staff member can easily find then whenever they need them. As well as ID cards, retractable lanyards can also be used for keys, badges, and other accessories. At SKE Direct Sales, we have got you covered with our range of retractable lanyards, for more information check out our website or contact our team.


The retractable lanyard range that we provide here at SKE Direct Sales comes in a range of colours, designs and styles. You can choose the perfect colour for you, maybe something that matches your company's colours and logo. They can also be designed to your requirements, there are so many possibilities when it comes to retractable lanyards. We can also provide you with plain unbranded lanyards, whatever your requirements, the SKE Direct Sales team can always help you. Whether you need lanyards for an id badge or for your security team, we only ensure quality printed retractable lanyards. There's no need to look anywhere else, we can assist, for more information, check out our range online or you can contact our team.


Retractable lanyards are so useful, as well as IDs and staff information they can also be used for key cards and to provide your staff with access to certain rooms or areas of the business or office. The card or key can be added to the end of the lanyard which will allow the user to extend the cord in order to gain access to the door, the cord will then retract quickly back into the reel. At SKE Direct Sales we stock a selection of retractable lanyard products and are known for providing the best products as well as excellent customer satisfaction, we really are the only place to buy your new retractable lanyards.


At SKE Direct Sales we supply a range of products and ensure top quality in everything we sell. We have extensive stock and when it comes to our lanyards they will hold your name safely and securely. It's our aim to supply our customers with the very best products and we are well known for the excellent service that our customers receive.

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