What is Screen Printing?

This is where the image or text is printed on to the lanyard, like paint on a wall. This is very cost effective if printing with few colours on one or both sides.

What is Dye Sublimation (Dye Sub)?

The ink is digitally stained or dyed into the lanyard, this allows for better definition and colour depth. Colour merging, fading and photographs are possible.

What about colours?

Anything is possible, we will do our best to match colours given, but it is always best if pantone colours can be matched. Some lower quantities only stocks are available.

What about Artwork?

Ideally, the artwork supplied by you as a customer would be AI vector file. JPEG and PDF file can be used providing they are a high enough resolution. We will get the final artwork done free of charge.

What material is a lanyard made of?

Mostly Polyester, but other materials are available on request such as Eco Friendly (Bamboo, Corn and PET) or Satin

What attachment can I have?

All lanyards are priced with a safety breakaway, but on the end of the lanyard there is a choice of Dog clip, metal or plastic, trigger clip, spring clip, lobster clip, mobile phone clip or badge reel.

Can I have a free sample of a Custom Printed Lanyard?

Yes you can just contact us and we will send you a free sample of a promotional lanyard