Card Holder Clips and Badge Clips

Our card holder clips and badge clips are the ideal solution for keeping your important cards and badges organised, secure and within reach. 

With several different types of clips to choose from, you can find the perfect clip for your needs. Whether it’s for ID cards, name cards, access cards or business cards, our clips do the job. 

Our card holder clip and badge clip pack sizes range from 25 to 100, but please get in touch if you require a different quantity and we will see what we can do for you. 

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Card Grip Clip - SKE Direct Sales

Card Grip Clip (Pack 25)

The card gripper is uniquely designed to hold plastic cards without the need to slot punch the card.Measuring 25 x 17mm the card gripper is ideal for ...
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Card Holder Clips and Badge Clips from SKE Direct Sales

  • Standard clip grips, designed for holding proximity and MIFARE® cards that cannot be punched. This sturdy ID card holder clip ensures your cards stay securely in place.
  • Our lapel clips are perfect for those who need to display badges and other ID cards. The lapel clip offers a sleek and professional design. The perfect badge clip for staff or as a reusable accessory for visitors.
  • We also offer a versatile option in the form of our safety pin and self-adhesive pad clip. This ID badge clip can be attached to your card using the self-adhesive back, and to your person using either the clip or pin. 

SKE Direct’s selection of card holder clips and badge clips has you covered. From the simple and straightforward to the decorative and stylish, we have the perfect ID card holder clip for you.