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Welcome to the SKE Direct Sales Website,

Here you will find everything you need for Lanyards and Personal Identification. From a ‘Best Value’ plain lanyard to Full Colour Branded Lanyards with any logo Printed on. From a Plastic Card to a Complete Plastic Card Printing System.

Our Card Printing Service will give you the perfect ID Card for your staff or Printed Card for your event.

So whatever your ID needs, browse through the website, call us on 01827 768727, email us on or contact us through the website and we will come back to you.


ID Card Printing

Schools, Hospitals, Offices, so many businesses and organisations are looking to ID cards for Security, Identification, Door Entry and many reasons. Here at SKE Direct Sales we can supply everything you need for Personal Identification for Employees, Students, Members and Staff. Want us to Print the cards - no problem. We can print all your ID Cards for you, all with Photo ID and details. Want to do your own printing - no problem. As a Magicard Retailer, we can provide you with the perfect Machine to Print ID Cards and even the equipment to be able to encode your cards.

Don't forget, once you have your ID card, you will need something to hold it with. Ask us about Plain Lanyards, Printed Lanyards, Custom Lanyards and ID Card Holders. Whatever you Identification needs, we can help!


Lanyards, Lanyards, How Many Lanyards

Everywhere you go, there is someone wearing a lanyard of some sort. Have you noticed, its always a different lanyard? Some have a plain lanyard, some have a printed Staff Lanyard, some have a fully customised lanyard with their company name on or the event they are at. Then there 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, this clip, that clip!! Then the colours!! How many colours? A Blue Lanyard. a Black Lanyard, a Yellow Lanyard. The list goes on and on and on.....

In other words you can have any Lanyard you want, in any colour and with anything on it. That's why we stock plain lanyards in a host of colours in two widths, 10mm and 15mm Lanyards, with Plastic and Metal Clips. If you want a printed Lanyard with a simple Staff, Visitor, Contractor etc, no problem. We stock Pre-Printed Lanyards in 15mm in plenty of different designs From Student Lanyards to First Aid Lanyards.

Then again, you may want a Full Colour Sublimation Lanyard in a specific colour printed just for you. Again, no problem, we can do that in quick time. Customised Lanyards are more simple than you think, just give us the detail, we will send you a proof to approve. Then we make them for you, with a minimum of 50 Lanyards.

Whatever your Lanyard requirement, we can do it. So, don't be shy or confused about waht you can have. Just give us a call


We do Silicone Wristbands - Not a Lot a people know that

Silicone Wristbands are a great way to get a message across. We have all seen them on shop counters raising money for some great causes, Help the Heroes, Cancer Charities etc. Although we Sell a lot of Silicone Wristbands to Charities, we also sell Wristbands for Schools, Events, Sports Clubs and many other Organisations. School Wristbands are great to raise money for school activities and equipment, Event Wristbands are great to raise awareness, and of course Charity Wristbands raise money and awareness.

Choosing is easy. 3 sizes - Child, Teen and Adult. 3 Processes - Debossed, Embossed and Print only. All in any colour!! And thats it. From that, and of course print detail, we can make a proof for you to approve before we go to production.

All at an amazing price!! You can contact us through this website, email us or call us


What do you call them?

YoYo's, YoYo Reels, bungees, Retractable Key Ring...... the list goes on and on and on, everyone seems to have a different name for them. It doesn't matter, we know most of the names we all call them so we can always supply the right product. We call them badge reels and we sell thousands of them every month. It makes me wonder where they all go!! I love walking into the pub and seeing one of our badge reels, or Dallas Key Holders in EPOS areas, we always know our reel. Yes, pretty sad! i know!

Well, just to let you know, we sell 3 main types of Retractable Badge Reel. They are Heavy Duty Reel in either Black or Chrome, Standard Duty Reel and Premier Reels in a variety of colours. All can be found on our website. Not only do we sell and supply the badge reel on it s own, for quantities over 50, we can brand them by fixing a very smart acrylic dome with your brand or logo on.

So next time you want a retracting ID holder or a retractable belt clip key card holding reel thingy, give us a call or have browse through the badge reels section of the website


Back to School

It's that time of year again, WOW! it seems only last week that the summer holidays started!! Now, the Eductaion sector is thinking about their personal ID security for Staff, Visitors and Students. Well, guess what, we have it covered. Staff Lanyards, Visitor Lanyards, Student and Sixth Form Lanyards, even Governor Lanyards. We probably have the biggest range of Stock Printed Lanyards in industry. All with Low pack sizes, no minimum order and a great price. 

The Card Printing Machines in our office are doing overtime at the moment, so if you need any ID Card Printing, call us or email us for a quote. Staff ID Cards seem to be getting a more important requirement than ever before.

So, you have you lanyard and you have had your ID Cards printed and you need to hold the card on the lanyard right? Well guess what? we will give you one free with any Pre-Printed Lanyard -Yes Free until the beginining of October, we will give you a Value Enclosed Card Holder with every Staff Lanyard, Visitor Lanyard, Sixth Form Lanyard, in fact any Printed Lanyard shown on our website. Here's the catch, you must ask for it on your order.

So if you want the best ID products and ID Accessories at the best price for your School, College or University. Call or Email us here at SKE Direct Sales


To Print or Not To Print

A lot of people ask us 'Do I buy an ID Card Printer or get you to our ID Card Printing?' Well its entirely personal choice, how many cards dp you expect to print each month or year and how quickly to you want a card. For example: If you are a health club, you may want to print yourself, at the counter when anyone joins the club or if you are a regular printer of Access Cards, then buying your own Printer will have its merits. If you are an orginisation that replaces employees ID, probably we could print for you.

Here at SKE Direct Sales we can print as many or as little Plastic Cards as you need at a really low price. So, if you want 1 Staff ID Card we can do it. If you want 100's of Membership Cards, we can do that for you. We can also help with your design. 

If you want to print your self, we can supply the perfect Plastic Card Printer for your needs. Then we can supply Ribbons and Plastic Cards from stock. We stock two leading brands of Card Printers, Magicard and Smart. So whether it's the hand-fed Magicard Pronto you need or the market leading Magicard Enduro card printer or the Fast Smart 50 ID Card Printer with its 5 year warranty (3 years for the Head), we can get it to you. 

So, if you are unsure what to do about your Plastic Card Printing Requirement. Give us a call, we may be able to help


CUSTOM Printed Staff ID cards, Membership Cards, Plastic ID Business Cards

Did you know we can print just one Printed Plastic Card? In fact, any quantity is ok with us. For 10 cards and above we will even help with the the design, then send a proof for your approval prior to printing. One question we are asked is: If we have 100 Staff needing an ID Card each, what pack size do I order? The answer is 100. Even if you want 100 Staff ID Cards, you do not need to pay for 100 single cards, you pay the cheaper 100 price. Then we just need photos and a list of names, numbers, positions or what ever you want on an idividual Card in an Excel Spreadsheet. We do the rest.

Plastic Business Cards are a great way to get you name out there and message across, and they last. From 83p for 100 Full Colour Custom Printed Cards, the price fits as well.

So, whether you want 1 Plastic ID card or 200 Staff Cards, we can help get the right design at the right cost.


Personalise your Lanyard.

Having a Custom Printed Personalised Lanyard is much easier than you think, and much cheaper than you think. You don't need to order hundreds of Lanyards to get your company, school of any message onto a lanyard. For example: 15mm Bespoke Lanyard, printed with one colour on one side is only £1.57 each for 50, and of course the more you order the cheaper they get. It doesn't take weeks for them to arrive either, we can get them made up and ready for delivery in one week.

Saying all that, we believe that quality stands head and shoulders above the cheapest price. We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality print for lanyards and when you print for likes of the NHS and Google quality is top of the list. If you want to see the quality, just ask for a sample.

Still can't make an order? Well watch this space because very soon we will be producing Custom Printed Lanyards from quantity of 10!!


Its the End of the Year.

WOW!! how fast did that go? in the blink of an eye, 2017 comes and goes! Its been a great year for SKE Direct Sales and we want to say a massive THANK YOU!!! to all our customers who have supported us during 2017. Our business has gone from strength to strength, supplying more Printed ID Cards and Printed Lanyards than ever. Our Pre-Printed Lanyard sales have doubled this, that's the Staff Lanyards, Visitor Lanyards and so on.

So what for 2018. Well, for a start we will be increasing the range of Pre-Printed Lanyards, as well as the YoYo Reels. One big one for us, is we will be supplying Custom Printed Lanyards with a minimum of 10 Lanyards. We will update the website in due course and we will be welcoming price enquiries. There will be plenty more going on as well, just watch this space.

So thats it!! thats just leaves us to say Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!


Its Spring Already.

We have been so busy, we haven't had time to tell you about the new minimum order quantity for Custom Printed Lanyards. Sadly we are unable to produce a s low as 10, but we have managed to get the go ahead to offer Bespoke Lanyards with a MOQ of 25!! With a wide range of colours from Stock we can print your logo or text in one colour on just 25 lanyards. With free artwork and unlimited changes you only pay for the lanyard and a small one off set up fee.

Mention this Blog and we will also give you, free of charge, an open faced clear card holder for every lanyard you purchase. .

With some of the most competative prices and then a freebie, SKE are the right choice for your personalised lanyards


Where's the Summer Gone??? 

I have just noticed, the last time we put anything on this blog was Spring!! Where's it all gone? summers gone, holidays gone and everyone is back to normal. Guess what? everyone wants lanyards, personalised lanyards and Plastic ID Cards. We are busier than ever on ID cards. We have invested in a new Smart 51 Dual Sided Plastic ID card printer, brand new on the market from IDP Smart. With its 5-year manufacturer’s warranty (3 years on printer head) and the ability to print a full colour plastic card in just 17 seconds, its perfect for our Card Printing Service. We now offer Staff Lanyards, Staff ID Cards and holders as a pack if the customer would like us to.

Talking of Lanyards, we can offer Pre-Printed Lanyards from Stock in many different designs for Staff Lanyards to Visitor Lanyards, from Student to Governor Lanyards. So, our customer can really get their staff and Visitors noticed with Lanyards and ID Badge.

Want to know more and find some of the best prices around? Call us or email us


New Staff Lanyards.

We have just released a great new product to out Pre-Printed lanyards section. Our new Staff Retractable Lanyards are available in blue or red, printed on both sides with 'STAFF'. Attached is a colour matched YoYo badge reel with a strap to hold your ID card or Door swipe access card.

They are perfect to use with door access systems amd EPOS systems without the need to take off your card, and keep your staff visible. 

From £8.50 for a pack of 10


Look out for the OFFERS!!

New to the website is out new Offers tab. Just click on the tab or the offers picture on the home page, and you will see the latest offers we have at the moment. Some great prices and free product, for example: get 100 Visitor Lanyards for £3.29 per 10, and then get 100 Visitor Wallets Absolutely Free. Remember, you can only get this offer in the offer page of the website.


The New Magicard 300 Plastic Card Printer

The market leading Magicard Enduro has been replaced with an even better Printer, the Magicard 300

Robust, durable and reliable, the Magicard 300 is perfect for schools, colleges and medium sized businesses that print up to 10,000 cards per year. When it comes to secure and reliable ID card printing, you can trust the Magicard 300 to deliver.

Fast, efficiant and Flexible. 

  • It’s 38% quicker than the Enduro printing 160 cards per hour.
  • Free custom Holokote® with every Magicard 300.
  • Larger hopers (100 in and 70 out).
  • Three years telephone support included.
  • The 300 uses different ribbons – search for the MC range of ribbons.

If you need any information on the Magicard 300 please let us know