Customised Lanyards

Customised Lanyards

Why Custom Lanyards?

Our customer buy their Custom Printed Lanyards as a great way of getting a message across, giving corporate identity of just showing off their brand. A sense of pride is given when the business sees its logo or brand worn around the office, at a conference or at a major event.

Others use printed lanyards to differentiate between staff, visitors and contractors.

Anything can be printed onto a lanyard. With sublimation printing, you can have the most complex of logos and colours, even photos. But remember, very small text can be distorted at print. We would tell you this at proofing stage.

Some of our customers just need the company or school name on a custom lanyard. Here we would use screen printing for the lanyard. Screen printing, up to 4 colours, gives beautiful crisp colours and text.

We print lanyards from quantities of 25, so they are available to any organisation, business and in education.

If you want to see a sample lanyard, contact us by clicking here