What are Plastic ID Card Printers

What are Plastic ID Card Printers

What is an ID Card Printer?

Alongside lanyards, ID cards are key equipment for identity within your business. There are many printers on the market and can be a bit daunting as to which card printer is suited for your needs so I’m hoping I can help you here in which card printer to choose.

First you need to determine what and how you would like your card printed, i.e., single sided print or dual side print. If you need to print on access control smart cards for example or Paxton cards. You may know which manufacturer machine you would like already i.e. Magicard, Evolis, Javelin, Matica, Entrust, Datacard, IDP to name but a few great machines.

Direct To Card Printers (sublimation printers)

An entry level printer is more affordable and is great for a small business.

A single sided printer is great if you just need a simple photo id card with print for the name and job title and maybe a logo and low volume printing. A small white edge will be visible on the cards

A mid-level printer can do all the above but can also print both sides of the card without having to feed the cards back into the hopper. These are great for larger volume printing and more detailed designs.

Re-Transfer Printers

These are more complex printers, they do over the edge printing so there are no white lines visible on your card and as they print on the reverse of the film and then heat adhered on to the card, these are the best printers for access door control cards and for a lot more complex designs and colours. These create longer lasting durable cards using high-definition image quality. These printers are great for security watermarks and holographics

Inkjet Card Printers

Inkjet printers are a new technology that can give results as good as the re-transfer with a lot smaller price tag. They are great for printing off edge colour, extremely user friendly and can print on door access cards and do not require holographic and security marks.