Why Would You Need a Lanyard on a Cruise?

Why Would You Need a Lanyard on a Cruise?

Why Would You Need a Lanyard on a Cruise?

If you’re getting ready to set sail and enjoy a well-deserved relaxing cruise, it’s important to consider taking a lanyard with you. You need a lanyard on a cruise to hold a cruise card and any other important items, including key cards, passports, and wallets. While some cruise lines may provide you with a lanyard when coming aboard, this isn’t always the case, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared and juggling your valuables anytime you want to explore the ship or take part in a shore excursion.

Your cruise card allows you to charge purchases onboard ships, use it as a key card for your personal cabin, and will allow you to freely leave and return to the ship while at port. Losing your cruise card can seriously impact the experience you have aboard your cruise. Instead of being unprepared, you should seriously consider investing in a lanyard before disembarking on your cruise ship.

Here at SKE Direct Sales, we have a range of lanyards to choose from, whether you want to create your own design for a custom printed lanyard, or you’re happy with something plain and simple, we’re guaranteed to have what you need. For ensuring your valuables and cruise card are safe for the duration of your time at sea, we also offer a range of accessories to choose from.

Other Ways to Carry Your Cruise Card

While lanyards are convenient and easy to take everywhere, there are other ways to always keep your cruise card and other valuables with you, though they aren’t as easy or convenient. However, they can be useful in a pinch if you find yourself aboard and without access to a lanyard or if somebody in your party has forgotten theirs.

Handbag or Alternative

Likely, you or somebody in your party will have brought along some kind of bag to carry larger items in, such as sun cream, books, or mobile phones. We recommend sticking to a smaller sized bag, like a belt bag or mini backpack rather than keeping your cruise card and other important items loose in a larger space. This avoids the need for searching for a long time to find specific needed items.

Coiled Wristband

Comfortable to wear and durable enough to last through a variety of activities, coiled wristbands can hold onto your cruise card by attaching a keyring. However, it’s important to pay attention to your coiled wristband at all times as, though it is low, there is a risk of snapping or slipping from the wrist. If you decide to choose a coiled wristband, we recommend checking before and after activities that it is still in place and replace it should it start to feel slack.

Zipped Pocket

Cruises tend to be busy places, with everyone confined to one large space while on the open water. For this reason, we would never recommend holding your cruise card and valuables in a pocket that does not fasten, as it is all too easy for somebody to steal these things without you noticing. Zipped pockets, however, are much more secure and you’re more likely to notice somebody trying to undo a zip in order to access your valuables.

Mobile Phone Wallet

Nowadays, nobody goes anywhere without their phone. It must be always easily accessible to have access to calls, texts, social media, and the internet. Because of this, it is very easy to find phone cases that have a wallet attachment to keep hold of cards, identification, and more. The only cause for concern these wallets have is that they become instantly more attractive to would-be thieves as the value of your mobile device will instantly receive a boost.

The Benefits of Using a Lanyard on a Cruise

Using a lanyard on a cruise to hold your cruise card offers a huge range of benefits, from practical ones to sentimental. Here at SKE Direct Sales, we provide a selection of sturdy and reliable lanyards for use on your cruise. Some of the benefits of using a lanyard include:


You will use your cruise card throughout your cruise for a variety of reasons, from purchasing drinks at the bar, to stocking up in the gift shop. On average, you can expect to need your cruise card more than fifty times a day, so keeping it close by on a lanyard offers convenience that cannot be achieved with anything else.


Acting as your ID, credit card, passport, and ticket, your cruise card is the last thing you want to lose while enjoying your cruise or seeing the sights on an offshore excursion. Luckily, lanyards are hard to lose and it's very easy to notice should it break or come loose.


A custom lanyard can be a great way to get to know some of the people joining you on your cruise. Whether you’re a film buff or love video games, your custom lanyard can be designed to reflect this, meaning people with shared interests can more easily identify you and start up a conversation.

Do Kids Need to Wear a Lanyard on a Cruise?

Every cruise line is different. While some may require children to also carry their own cruise card this is dependent on the age of the child. For example, children under a certain age may be exempt on the basis of being too young to keep their cruise cards safe, even with the use of a lanyard.

Before you depart, we recommend researching your cruise as children's cruise cards may be left to the parents to take care of, or rather than using a cruise card at all, durable plastic wristbands may be used instead. If your child is old enough to be trusted with taking care of their cruise card, we recommend purchasing a custom lanyard that reflects their interests or are brightly coloured to avoid them being mixed up with another child’s lanyard during activities.

If the responsibility of the child’s cruise card is left to the parents, a good idea to keep theirs and yours separate and easily accessible is by using two different coloured lanyards to allow you to quickly identify which card belongs to you and which one belongs to your child.

Things to Look for in a Reliable Cruise Lanyard

When it comes to choosing a lanyard that will work throughout your cruise to keep your cruise card safe, there are a few important things to consider. Here at SKE Direct Sales, we have been providing lanyards for our customers for many years, and we consider ourselves experts when it comes to helping our customers choose a lanyard that suits their needs. Some things to consider when looking for a lanyard include:

Comfort: As you will be wearing your lanyard the majority of the time on your cruise, it is important to purchase one of higher quality to avoid irritation around the neck from where the lanyard will move throughout the day.

Practical: Whether you’re looking for a retractable reel to make accessing your cruise card easier, or you simply want a card attachment, it’s important to find a lanyard that offers practicality while remaining durable throughout the duration of your cruise.

Waterproofing: Depending on the type of cruise you are taking; chances are you will be spending time lounging around the pool or taking part in water-based activities. That is why it’s important to consider whether or not your lanyard can hold a waterproof pouch for your cruise card and other important items.

Durable: The last thing you want is to be worrying about losing your cruise lanyard while trying to enjoy your cruise, which is why you want to make sure your lanyard can’t be pulled off or broken during more intense activities. Just in case something does happen, we recommend purchasing a second lanyard to keep handy so that you don’t spend the remainder of your cruise without one.

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