Plain Blank Coloured Cards With HiCo Magnetic Stripe (PVC)

Explore our selection of blank plastic cards with HiCo magnetic stripe in a range of different colours.

These stylish and professional plain blank coloured cards are perfect for a range of uses.The HiCo 2750oe magnetic stripe lets you store data on each card, making these magnetic stripe cards ideal as ID cards, membership cards, library cards, and more.

Our blank plastic cards can be overprinted, meaning you can customise them with your own designs if you have an ID card printer. We also offer a customised card printing service if this is something you’re interested in.Choose a colour that matches your business colours or personal needs for high quality, sleek looking blank plastic cards for printing that you can customise to your requirements. 

Available in packs sizes of 100.

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Get Blank Coloured Cards With HiCo Magnetic Stripe From SKE Direct

If you need plastic cards with a magnetic stripe, look no further than SKE for a range of colourful and quality blank coloured cards. Perfect for storing encoded data for greater functionality.